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Sweet potato pie

I’m so fired up to announce that this week is…

PIE 7 days. (Also, pleased halloween!)

I have 5 new pie recipes to share with you this week. I was brainstorming Thanksgiving recipes for this calendar year and all that stored coming to the forefront of my pie-loving mind was… pie. Nothing beats it, so I decided to devote an entire week to this magical dessert. It was an apparent and easy selection.

These five new pie recipes are all perfectly satisfactory Thanksgiving dessert choices, even though every is irresistibly special in their possess way. Possibly you’ll make all 5 for your Thanksgiving spread. And if that is the case, I truly wouldn’t decide you. Also, can I occur above for Thanksgiving?

Btw, Sally’s Baking Dependancy is a judgement free of charge pie zone.

So let’s commence our pie journey with sweet potato pie a real Southern favorite and a recipe I’ve in no way shared on SBA before. I wanted to get started pie week with something fully new, although still sticking to a classic Thanksgiving favored. Basic sweet potato pie is frequently ignored since of its similarly orange counterpart: pumpkin pie. ( respect.)

Although pumpkin pie will permanently maintain a area in our hearts, I imagine there’s also place on the desk for sweet potato pie. Specifically sweet potato pie that sits on a buttery home made pie crust, sweetened solely with dim brown sugar, and flavored with our favorite fall spices. Who’s been stocking up on cinnamon and nutmeg recently?

I did a minor study on sweet potato pie the other 7 days, which really just signifies inquiring some buddies their views on the dessert. What do you like about sweet potato pie? What do you not like? How strange are these queries? How strange am I?

I obtained some incredibly entertaining suggestions (primarily referring to people very last two concerns), which jumpstarted my sweet potato pie mission: make the very best sweet potato pie close to!

The recipe is related to my fantastic pumpkin pie recipe. A good deal of the identical elements here like eggs, weighty cream, sugar, spices– but this sweet potato pie is a whole lot less custard and a great deal more texture. I detest to evaluate it to, like, easy mashed potato pie– but it sort of is! Though a minor a lot more durable. Naturally no area for gravy, but you get the stage.

Pumpkin pie = pudding/custard-y.

Sweet potato pie = denser.

Oh and clearly sweet potato pie tastes like sweet potatoes, not pumpkins.

You’ll begin with sweet potatoes, about one lb complete. This was two medium sweet potatoes for me, but certainly weigh them at the shop or at home. Boil them until finally the skins are loose, peel off, mash potatoes till clean. I suggest mashing your sweet potatoes Ahead of beating in the other ingredients so you can start with a completely smooth and creamy base. No lumps, no strings!

The rest: flour for thickening, spices for extra taste, 2 eggs for structure, hefty cream and softened butter for that creamy aspect, and the ideal element of all: brown sugar. I examined a couple of distinct methods, largely sweetening the pie with white granulated sugar. Tasty, but I understood we could get it above the leading with brown sugar. Brown sugar is often the best.

Defeat till clean, unfold into well prepared pie crust. No need to pre-bake this crust. I discovered it pointless and, quite frankly, a squander of time! Pie tasted the very same even with out this additional phase.

It’ll get about 1 hour in the oven, just until finally the centre is *primarily* cooked through with just a teeny wiggle jiggle. (Lol) Allow it awesome for a little bit so you can very easily reduce through.

You can beautify the pie with super lovable tiny pie crust acorns (I’ll clarify people in the recipe notes) or dollops of whipped product. I’ve been doing work on my dollops! I utilized a piping bag/idea here for these and they appear marginally significantly less horrifying.

This brown sugar sweet potato pie is buttery and mega flavorful standing tall against the standard preferred pumpkin pie. And that first bite is usually the greatest. Welcome to recipe #1 in pie 7 days!

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