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Pasta dough recipe

Pasta dough recipe

no cooking required

A traditional Italian fresh pasta recipe. Experiment by incorporating your possess flavourings and creating different pasta designs.

no cooking required


Location the flour in a food processor and pulse it. Include the entire egg and egg yolk and keep mixing right up until the combination resembles good breadcrumbs (it shouldn’t be dusty, nor need to it be a big, gooey ball). This takes two-3 minutes.

Idea out the dough and knead to kind into a ball form. Knead it briskly for 1 minute, it ought to be very stiff and challenging to knead. Wrap in cling film and leave to rest in a great place for thirty minutes just before making use of.

Now reduce the dough into 2 parts. For each and every piece, flatten with a rolling pin to about 5mm/ in) thickness. Fold in excess of the dough and pass it by means of the pasta device at its widest location, refolding and rolling seven instances (not altering the placing) until finally you have a rectangular shape seven.5x18cm/3×7 in. It is essential to work the dough till it is great and shiny, as this gives it the “al dente” texture. Repeat with the second piece of dough.

Now you are ready to roll out. Commence with the pasta device at its widest location, pass the dough by means of the rollers. Do not fold but repeat this approach, reducing the roller placing down grade by grade with each move. For most uses, I take the pasta down to the penultimate placing – specifically for ravioli, as you are sandwiching two levels together when it is folded. Use straight away to make the ravioli.

Recipe Ideas

one. Usually include sitting dough with cling film or a moist tea towel to stop it drying out.

2. Do not add oil to the cooking h2o. It is a fallacy that it helps prevent sticking and is therefore a full waste of oil.

three. Do not dredge the pasta in flour to avoid sticking, as the flour turns to glue when cooked and, ironically, brings about the pasta to stick together. Use semolina flour from Italian delis as an alternative.

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