When it comes to cooking — and learning to cook — everybody has to start somewhere. Some start early. Some start later. Some really don’t start at all. For many such reluctant beginners, successfully boiling water is considered an accomplishment, never mind creating an award-winning soufflé.

Fortunately, for would-be and wanna-be cooks alike, there is It’s Just Food!, the cooking show specifically designed for the culinary newbie. It’s Just Food!presents a back-to-basics approach that explains and demonstrates the ABCs of preparing simple yet delicious and nutritious meals. Whether you’ve never cooked before, or have been “winging” it for years, here’s another chance to learn all the basic tips, terms and techniques you need to really get going.

Led by our affable and engaging hosts, best-selling author “One Smart Cookie” Julie Van Rosendaal and Food Network Canada’s Chef Ned Bell, It’s Just Food! serves up quick and easy mains, scrumptious sides, and decadent desserts.